Avenue will help you solve your most difficult problems.

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Transportation Design

Avenue designs cost-effective solutions for real-world problems. Our clients select us for our talent and experience and because we approach each project with fresh eyes to add value at no extra cost. Our successes motivate us to improve, perform, and provide our clients what they need today in a biddable and constructible form.

Civil Design

We are civil engineers that think like developers. We save you time and money with quality plans that eliminate construction errors and expedite your speed to market.

Land Planning

Our plans are designed to be built. Our land plans bring creativity and engineering design to paper. At Avenue we work hard to balance your plan with economics, transportation, recreation spaces and community interests.

Transportation Planning

Further study needed… not from Avenue. Avenue is great at identifying your goals and charting a path to achieve them. We understand how to navigate the public planning process to deliver studies you can do something with.

Traffic Engineering

We solve the most challenging transportation problems with new ideas that you can actually build. We identify the right solutions by leveraging common sense and creative thinking. We make difficult technical concepts easy to understand and support.


The best ideas are worthless if not communicated effectively. Story telling is paramount to what we do. We prepare compelling graphics and videos to sell project benefits.

Trusted Experts

We solve your biggest challenges by offering our full staff of talented experts. We build trust with our clients by bringing more ideas to the table, and engaging the team to deliver reliable designs and construction documents.

Customer Focused

Avenue cares about you, your goals, and your projects. We take pride in contributing to your success and making your job easier and more enjoyable. We assure excellent customer service by proactively communicating and aligning expectations.

Innovative Thinking

We improve projects with thoughtful and innovative solutions. We identify the right solutions by leveraging common sense and creative thinking and we are consistently trying to improve what we do and how we do it.

Value Added

We don’t innovate for innovation’s sake. We evaluate solutions to allow the best opportunities to prevail and accurately inform decisions. Consequently, our clients can make better decisions to align project goals.


We are proud to be a place that fosters new ideas and innovative thinking in all we do. We are seeking ambitious and results-oriented candidates with that same drive and passion. Find out how Avenue can be the right fit for you.