• Cost-effective surveying for any client
  • Rapid data aquisition and turn-around
  • Vertically integrated for added value

Avenue’s in-house unmanned aircraft pilots use Drone Aerial Mapping technology (UAV’s) to measure, locate and produce high definition orthomosaic maps and topography. Drones allow our team fast deployment of job sites to deliver high-resolution, three-dimensional measurements with precision and accuracy. Our drone mapping technology shows the most up-to-date existing conditions in rapidly changing areas. This is how we can put out the best designs in the most cost-effective manner.

Through the use of drones we create orthophoto and topographic base maps, point clouds, volumetric analyses, inspections, and 3D visualizations from a safe distance. Avenue has deployed UAVs to facilitate the collection of data for a wide range of projects from traffic studies to planning and preliminary design. We also use drones to aid in the creation of project concept videos to increase public understanding of projects and design principals. By changing the point of view on a site drones can provide more qualitative and meaningful data to a project.

Want to learn more? Contact one of our drone mapping experts.