• Streamlined projects using emerging technology
  • Innovative Survey answers to implement reliable design solutions
  • Collaboration with project teams to get projects moving faster

Avenue’s survey team deploys traditional technologies to provide value for our clients through complete projects with high-accuracy control surveys and validation surveys. Here at Avenue we are continuoulsy utilizing innovative and emerging tools. We are able to decrease site visits and time spent in the field through the use of remote sensing technologies like LiDAR, sonar, and aerial drones. These tools also allow our survey team to increase data capture to make informed decisions while also upholding the safety of our staff and those around us.

We deliver high-resolution, three-dimensional measurements with precision and accuracy. Our team use their extensive experience to find solutions to everyday land-use challenges that fit the clients need.

Other services include: Water rights, topographic surveying, construction staking, subdivision mapping, 3D surveys to support architecture and BIM modeling, ALTA Land Title Surveys, cadastral, utility, pipeline, canals, and riparian environments.