Are you frustrated by the ThrU-Turns at 12300 S & Minuteman?

POSTED August 27, 2018

What is the purpose of these ThrU-Turns? How are they benefiting traffic? They’re not what we’re used to that’s for sure. Rewiring our brains to a new traffic concept can be frustrating especially when it “seems” to extend commute time. But what if we told you that ThrU-Turns are cutting your wait time to turn left from 2 minutes to 26 seconds. Avenue’s storytelling motion graphic video is helping UDOT educate the public to understand the engineer logic behind these “crazy” ThrU-Turns. Our innovative public outreach clearly communicates how these ThrU-Turns benefit every driver, especially those turning left. Our work won Utah’s Best of State Award and went on to win National TRB “John and Jane Q Public” Communications Award. Don’t believe us? Check out our educational and innovative motion graphic video below.

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